Apple – Most Powerful & Amazing Fruit – Info By

Apple – Most Powerful & Amazing Fruit – Info By

  • Common Names
  • Apple , Apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar
  • Botanical Name
  • Malus domestica
  • Syn. M.sylvestris
  • Family

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Apples contain skin-friendly nutrients, including vitamin C and copper. Eating fruit each day — 1.5 cups for women or 2 cups for men, recommends the U.S. Department of Agriculture — benefits your health. Consuming apples boosts your intake of essential nutrients, including fiber and the essential mineral potassium.

The old folks really knew a good thing when they saw it. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“; this humble fruit can help prevent two of the major lifestyle diseases of modern life, diabetes and heart disease. Apples contain malic and tartaric acids, and salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. They also contain soluble fiber, which can lower cholesterol, help prevent plaque buildup in your arteries, and slow the uptake of glucose, helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 3,4,5

Herbalists consider apples to be cleansing and tonic to the liver and kidneys. The best of the medicinal compounds are contained in the apple peel, so buy organic whenever possible and always wash thoroughly.5

Apple cider vinegar is such a useful and versatile substance, truly no household should be without it. You can’t go wrong with something that is good to eat, prevents hair loss, softens skin, and cleans and disinfects the bathroom to boot. When it is made from whole, crushed apples vinegar contains all the nutrition of apples, with some added enzymes and amino acids formed by fermentation. 125 The mother of all home remedies for arthritis is 2 to 3 tablespoons of ACV mixed with honey every day. This simple remedy has so much anecdotal evidence of its benefit that I can think of no reason for anyone with arthritis not to try it. If nothing else cut down on calories by substituting a fresh vinaigrette salad dressing with herbs for the calorie laden, bottled kind to help increase weight loss. Vinegar is often touted for its alkalizing, effect as a balance to the many acid producing foods we tend to overeat, like meats and grains. There is some disagreement over whether vinegar, which is an acidic substance, makes the body more acidic, which acts to prevent food poisoning by killing harmful bacteria, 1 or whether it indeed has alkalizing, effect on the body. In any case, there is wide agreement that two or three tablespoons of vinegar as a daily tonic works to decrease inflammation, increase metabolism, and may help to alleviate the crippling pain of arthritis.3

The entire apple tree is useful in home and herbal medicine. In addition to the fruit of the apple tree, its bark, flowers, and leaves all have healthy properties. Herbalists use the apple tree much like its cousin the rose, for its astringent properties. The inner bark of the apple tree as well as blossoms are an astringent tonic, and can be used as an infusion for sore throats. The wild crab apple tree is considered better than modern cultivars for use in herbal medicine. 


Preparation Methods & Dosage :Eat organic apples! To help bulk up watery stools, bake an apple pie with the peel on, or make some homemade apple sauce. Vinegar is used to preserve herbs, and herbs add healthy properties and taste to the vinegar. Strive for two tablespoons of vinegar a day in your diet. Add vinegar to baths and hair rinses. You can use vinegar for most everyday cleaning tasks. It is naturally anti-fungal and leaves the bathroom, windows, and glass ware clean and shiny. The best way to clean fresh produce is a solution of one part vinegar to three parts cold water, which removes 98 percent of the bacteria. Combine vinegar with baking soda, add a few drops of antibacterial essential oils and you can clean just about anything.

12 Beauty Benefits Of Apple:


1.Cut an apple into four parts and grind them in a food processor till smooth. Apply the resultant mix on your tired and stressed out skin and your will feel an instant sheen and freshness on your face. Apple contains some skin-friendly vitamins such as A,B,C and anti-oxidants properties which alleviate skin damage and dirt you face outdoors.

2.You can treat acne by smearing red apple and honey mask on your face. Just grate half an apple and mix the resultant mixture with four spoons of honey and then apply on the affected areas for 15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. You can regularly apply this mask to prevent further outbreak of pimples and keep your skin gorgeously beautiful.

3.You can make an apple face cleanser at home which helps a lot in cleansing and purifying your skin deep down. To make an apple facial cleanser you will need -one spoon of apple juice, two spoons of milk and one spoon of honey. Blend all ingredients thoroughly to make a homemade facial cleanser at home. Massage this mix on your face for few minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Natural fruit acids in apple reduce blackheads, whiteheads and other facial imperfections to reveal a clear and spotless complexion on the outside.

4. Apply the mixture of apple juice, honey, rose water and oatmeal on your your dull and lackluster skin. This home remedy is a natural fairness treatment which works wonder in making your skin fair and glowing.

5. Grate a green apple and squeeze the juice out of this and apply on your face to ward off the effects of aging and wrinkles.

6. Apples contain malic acids, a fruit acid extracted from apples, which help in keeping your skin firm and glowing. Thus, applying apple and eating apple keeps your skin glowing. Apples are the rich source of skin-friendly vitamin A, copper and vitamin C to boost your skin’s health. Vitamin C helps in formation of collagen, a protein which keeps your skin elastic and young. Being a rich source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, apples help a lot in keeping your skin youthful and charming for long, if eaten daily. Copper in apple helps in formation of melanin which helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Vitamin A in apples is a contributing factor to glowing and healthy skin. What is more, eating apples regulates bowel movements, therefore, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.

7. Apple cider vinegar , the fruit beverage which is been extracted from apples, has endless beauty benefits. This works as a face toner and maintains the PH balance of your skin. Apple cider vinegar reduces facial blemishes and soothe sunburn if used topically on the skin. Not only this, apple cider vinegar is a natural conditioner for hair. You can apply apple cider vinegar on your shampooed hair to drive away those itchy dandruff and make your hair silky smooth.

8. Application of apple pulp or apple juice helps cure itchiness, eczema and severe dryness of skin.

9. Tanic acid in apples cures dark circles very effectively. Simply dab apple juice on your under-eyes circles to lighten them. Moreover, potassium , vitamin B and C in apples soothe sensitive skin under eyes. You can apply boiled green apples on your under-eyes areas too to reduce dark circles naturally.

10 Apply apple juice or scrub apple pulp on your hair to remove dandruff and make your hair healthy.

11. Grind apples’ skin to fine paste and add honey to it ; apply on your face to make your skin fair.

12. You can give your skin a skin hydrating facial with apples. Here is how you can make this apple facial mask- make apple puree in a processor and then add one spoon of warm water, one egg yolk and one spoon of oatmeal powder to apple puree. Smear this mask on your face for 15 minutes and thereafter wash off with cold water and pat dry.

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