Donate your Zakat & Save Lives

Donate your Zakat & Save Lives

Zakat is not charity, It is not voluntary charity not a tax but an obligation. By giving Zakat, a Muslim is acknowledging that everything we have is Allah’s and we do not really own it, and we should use it to remember Allah and help those who are in need. It is also an act to help free us from excessive desire and greed, learn self-discipline and honesty. Zakat is a spiritual duty, solely for the sake of ourselves.Paying Zakat cleans away impurities from what we have, and ensures that excess wealth is distributed among those in need.

Who can receive Zakat?

Zakat can only be paid to specific beneficiaries and projects. 

The Qur’an mentions eight groups of people on who Zakat should be spent:

(Surat At-Tawbah 9:60)

  1. The Fuqara’ (the poor)
  2. Al-Maskin (the needy)
  3. Aamileen (Zakat collector)
  4. Muallafatul Quloob (poor and needy who recently converted to Islam)
  5. Ar-Riqaab (slaves; Zakat can be used to purchase their freedom)
  6. Ibnus-Sabeel: A stranded traveller in need of financial assistance.
  7. Al Ghaarimeen: A debtor
  8. Fi Sabeelillah: Those who are away from home in the path of Allah.

Write us on & & let us know the amount you wish to donate. Also, if you have any particular participation from the following options:

1) Distribution of Raashan Packets / Food.
2) Distribution of Clothing.
3) Medical help.
4) Marriage Expenses.
5) Contribution and support in small home construction / maintenance works.
6) Distribution of Sewing machines among needy ladies.
7) Contribution to establish small business for jobless or unemployed people.
8) General (Any other from above)
9) You can also specify if any particular target.

Our vision is to create a world free from poverty based on principles of justice and equality. To help and empower the poor and needy through building their confidence and independence.

Support our work in reaching people in need across the world. Please donate to our campaigns and be a part of the change.Its for us only.. TRUST ME

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