Egg Mask for Most Amazing, Super Long & Strong Hair

Egg Mask for Most Amazing, Super Long & Strong Hair

Eggs are loaded with protein, biotin and minerals like sulfur, phosphorus and selenium that can give any commercial hair mask a run for its money. Whether you are trying to manage dry hair, an oily scalp, frizzy hair or just need some extra spa therapy at home, the humble eggs can do it all.

The natural goodness of eggs can help your hair by:

Strengthening the hair shafts with their protein content.
Encouraging faster hair growth due to the presence of sulfur.
Reducing hair loss.
Moisturizing your hair, making it soft, shiny and healthy with the help of biotin.
Keeping frizz and split ends at bay due to the presence of lecithin.
Adding definition and bounce to your hair.
Countering dandruff and scalp dryness with the fatty acids in the eggs.


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