Fenugreek for Extreme Hair Growth

Fenugreek for Extreme Hair Growth

Fenugreek has many incredible health benefits both for your body and your hair. Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein, and they contain nicotinic acid which stimulates your hair to grow, strengthen it and protects it from damage.

They also contain another important compound for your hair called lecithin. It moisturizes your scalp and gives your strands a shiny look. And since fenugreek has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it keeps your hair free of dandruff.

Fenugreek or methi contain hormone antecedents that improves the growth of hair and strengthens the hair follicles. Fenugreek also contains nicotinic acid and proteins that effectively stimulates hair growth. Fenugreek seeds not only help hair fall control, but also help in dandruff control as well as make your hair thicken if you use the remedy regularly at least once a month to actually be able to see real results.

Methi seeds are very helpful in providing some relief against hair thinning, hair fall and dandruff. It is proven very effective in reversing baldness too.

Ingestion of Fenugreek or its application directly onto the hair in the form of a paste can be the ultimate solution for all your hair-related problems.

Fenugreek seeds have nicotinic acid and some proteins which serve as a great source for hair growth.

It helps in reducing the dryness of the hair. It can also act as a good conditioner for the hair.

1. Hair Loss:

Methi is extremely useful in strengthening the hair from the roots and treating follicular problems.

Fenugreek seeds contain many components that act as a precursor for many hormones that enhance hair growth and helps to rebuild the hair follicles.

What you just need to do is soak methi in water for some time and make a paste out of it.

Apply coconut oil to the hair first followed by the application of the methi paste onto your scalp. Allow the hair to absorb the mask for at least an hour before washing it.

You can also make a paste of powdered methi seeds using coconut oil instead of water. Massage the paste on your hair and you will notice positive results within 2 to 3 weeks.

A paste of methi seeds mixed with coconut milk also helps prevents dandruff, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.

2. Dandruff:

Dandruff is a common hair ailment, and it surfaces especially during the winter months because of the usage of hot water.

But do not worry as there are various treatments and procedures to treat dandruff. One of the most necessary and efficient cure is by using methi seeds.

It has been known to treat dry scalp and dermatitis effectively.

Take two tablespoons of methi seeds and soak them in water overnight. These seeds will get softer by morning. Grind them to make a paste and apply this paste on your scalp.

Leave it for half an hour on your scalp before washing it off. You can also use the paste of softened methi seeds in conjunction with curd.This paste prevents dandruff and any other scalp irritations you might have.

Another treatment involves crushing one table spoon of methi seeds to make it a powder and then mixing it with warm oil.

Apply this mixture on your scalp once it gets cooled. Leave it on for 2 hours. Shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove any traces of the paste.

If you need a quick remedy and don’t have time to soak the seeds overnight, then you can simply make a paste using methi powder and water.

Apply this paste directly on the scalp and wash it off after an hour.

Otherwise, you can also make a paste of powdered methi seeds with apple cider vinegar. Leave it on your scalp for not more than 30 minutes.

3. Conditioning:

Fenugreek seeds contain lecithin which is an emulsifying agent. When the fenugreek seeds are soaked in water, it produces a slippery substance which contributes to the shine of your hair. This characteristic of Methi seeds makes it optimal for using it as a hair conditioner.

This characteristic of Methi seeds makes it optimal for using it as a hair conditioner.

Soak the methi seeds in water and leave them overnight. When the seeds become slimy to touch, grind them into a paste.

Apply this paste on your scalp, roots and the whole length of the hair. Don’t let the paste dry completely as it will become cumbersome to wash it off then.Let it remain for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

You can also make an herbal tonic using these seeds. Just boil these seeds and keep them in coconut oil overnight so that it can soak the oil completely.

Strain the oil afterward and massage this on hair thrice a week to get shiny and lustrous hair. It will also help reducing hair fall to a great extent.

4. Reverses Baldness:

One of the most popular uses of fenugreek seeds for hair is a reversal of baldness.Fenugreek contains many components which acts as precursors for many hormones that enhance the hair growth and help in strengthening and rebuilding of hair follicles.

Fenugreek contains many components which acts as precursors for many hormones that enhance the hair growth and help in strengthening and rebuilding of hair follicles.

All you need to do is just mix powdered fenugreek seeds with some coconut oil and massage it into the scalp twice a week to notice new hair growth.

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