How to Get Rid of Dull Skin – Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Dull Skin – Home Remedies

Using lemon:
Lemon has such properties in it that help a person get rid of the tan on the skin and along with that, it helps you out in bringing permanent glow on the skin. However, the thing is that you need to be regular with your daily application of lemon. Lemon can be applied on the skin in a lot of ways! You can either mix it up with some amount of raw milk and let it settle for ten minutes. Apply it on your skin for 10 minutes and clean it off with cotton. Alongside, you can also mix it with some amount of turmeric. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in your mind while applying lemon on your face! Do not go off in the sun after applying the lemon on skin or else it will cause rashes to your skin.


Using oatmeal:
Oatmeal not only tastes good when it is eaten but when you apply it on the face, it helps you gaining a glow in your skin. The reason why oatmeal helps you in getting glowing skin is its ability to clean the pores of the skin from all the dirt that has been stacked up into it. Mix some amount of turmeric in the oatmeal and this will clean up the pores of the skin even better. Letting the mixture dry up on the skin will help you better. After the mixture gets dried, rub it off from your skin.


Using bananas:
Just like oatmeal, bananas are also as good for the skin as good they are for the skin. all you need to do is to mash a banana or two and then apply it to your skin evenly. If that is too heavy for you to apply, just ,ix some milk with it and apply it to your skin every week. Regular weekly application of this mixture onto your skin will soon help you getting a permanent glow on your skin.


Apply tomato paste:
When it comes to talking about edible stuff, one must admit that vegetables are no behind in providing human dual benefits! You can put a lot of vegetables in your daily meal and at the same time, applying them on your skin would help you in changing the way your face looks. One of the best answers of How to get rid of dull skin is applying the tomato on your skin as it ahs those properties in it that help your skin glow. Now, you cannot apply it to your skin as it is. You need to make a paste of the tomato and then apply it to your skin. The best way however is to mix this tomato paste with some amount of turmeric.


Using Cream:
Applying those items on your face that would provide you the maximum amount of moisture is the key to get rid of the dull skin. Now, one of the best things that actually provide moisture to the skin is cream! Take whole cream out of the milk and apply it to your skin every night before going to bed. In a week or two, you will soon see visible results.


When you are thinking of the natural things that can help you giving a brightening glow to your face and take off all the dullness from it, you need to keep the option of sugar in your mind. The properties present in the sugar help you in getting rid of the dirt that has been accumulated to your skin. Applying the sugar directly to your skin can however effect your skin and the best way is to mix it just with some amount of oil or lemon.


Honey is not only a great exfoliate but at the same time, it helps in providing a great amount of moisture to the skin. Applying honey on the skin regularly helps a person getting rid of the dull skin and at the same time, it provides glow to the skin. Getting rid of it might be a little difficult as it would be a little greasy. Make sure that you wash your face off with warm water.


Apply the almond:
Almond is delicious when eaten but applying it on the face makes your face brighter and dazzling. All you need to do is to mash the almonds and mix them with some cream. Apply it to your face and wash it off in fifteen minutes.


Massage with oils:
Natural oils help a person making his face brighter as they provide enough moisture to the face. You can choose an oil you want to and regular application will help you with getting rid of the dull skin.


It might leek a little weird to you but applying chocolate on the skin actually help you getting rid of the dull skin. when you apply the chocolate on the skin, the dark pores turn lighter and make your skin brighter.



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