Onion Juice to Cure Baldness – Apply for 2 Years to see amazing Results

Onion Juice to Cure Baldness – Apply for 2 Years to see amazing Results

Friends, I applied on myself & believe me its working…so, if you are desperate for healthy hairs then, just do that patientlty, you will see guaranteed results for sure (apply 1-2 onion juice for 2 years in alternate days)..

& if you are genetically bald then, this is not for you. And if anyone have any disease then, kindly first ask your doctor then, do this. If your doctor say ‘yes’ to you.. 

One Scientific research says:

In an 8 week study with 38 people onion juice was successfully used for hair loss, with observable hair re-growth in almost all the participants.

Can Onion Juice Help with Hair Growth?
While onion juice may seem like an odd treatment for hair loss, there are a number of reasons why onion juice is effective at treating hair loss and helping to regrow hair.

Onion Juice Contains Sulfur;

Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic compound found within the body. This compound is broken down by the body for use of its sulfur, which contributes to bone, hair, and nail growth.

While a sulfur deficiency may not be the main reason for your hair loss, supplementation with sulfur can certainly contribute to hair growth.

This is great news for onion lovers, as onions are sulfur-rich vegetables. If you’re not an onion lover, however, the application of onion juice to the scalp can still provide benefits and contribute to hair growth and strengthening.

Onion Juice is Full of Antioxidants
Onions are a particularly large source of flavonoids and are perhaps one of the main contributors of flavonoid intake in humans But, what are flavonoids, and how can they help to prevent further hair loss and even contribute to hair growth?

Flavonoids are versatile compounds, and as such, they provide a number of functions in the plants they’re found within. One such plant is the onion, in which they serve as an antioxidant.

For men suffering from male-pattern baldness, antioxidants can provide a number of benefits. One such benefit is the neutralization of free radicals, the molecules which are responsible for aging.

In men with male-pattern baldness, free radicals are, in large part, responsible for hair thinning and loss. This is because these molecules destroy hair follicles and make it difficult for hair regrowth to occur.

Onion Juice is Anti-inflammatory
As you can imagine, the damage done by free radicals to the hair follicles can be particularly irritating and inflammatory.

That’s one more reason that onion juice is an effective treatment for hair loss; its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful at decreasing hair follicle inflammation and irritation and creating a healthy environment for hair growth to occur.

Although there is no absolutely firm evidence that onion juice can be used to treat male pattern baldness, there is good reason to believe that is would be a beneficial addition to your hair care routine doe to its ability to reduce inflammation and reduce DHT levels in the scalp.

However, for now I believe there are more powerful ways to regrow your hair naturally without using onion juice and this is something I show you how to do in step by step detail inside Hair Equilibrium.

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