Regrowing Hairs using Fenugreek Seeds – True Story

Regrowing Hairs using Fenugreek Seeds – True Story

Well guys i’m however not sure whether it would work for you, but still natures remedy cures almost all ailment and i hope it shall cure yours as well. I actually thought of sharing my review of using fenugreek to regrow my hair in some forums, but i felt that it might not reach to the larger audience like a blog will. So just thought of giving my review on my blog.

Believe it or not, i was under too much stress and was also worried about my significant hair loss. Earlier i used to have mild hair loss so that never bothered me much. It was pretty recently that i had intense hair loss where in my scalp became too visible near the temple and at the centre. I had even used bhringraj oil(it never worked on me, but it’s considered good for hair). So i became so desperate that i didn’t want to lose my hair which was once so lustrous, voluminous and silky to which i was always appreciated about it my friends, i started searching it online and i found many positive reviews about fenugreek and it’s benefits. I however had no option because i was losing my hairs and i had to give it a try and that worked. My hair loss has almost stopped. Not just that i feel like the lost hair is growing because my scalp is not that visible like it used to be. It’s only around 11 days since i started the remedy and i can see a significant change in my hair growth.

The things i did was
Massaging head twice a day with the fingers.
Fenugreek remedy- Boil a cup of water, then put some 2-3spoon fenugreek seeds in that water. Keep it over night(around atleast 14-15 hours is better let the seeds soak the water however 10-12hrs would do). And drink that water in the morning on an empty stomach(you could again repeat the same and drink the water after your dinner as well). Also eat those fenugreek seeds.
Fenugreek is also known as methi in India. I had also read the review of applying the paste of fenugreek for regrowth of hair. I haven’t yet tried this. Also maintain clear bowel movement. I would be happy to know if someone had the similar hair regrowth using fenugreek seeds. Thanks to nature for this wonderful remedy that no modern science could provide.

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