Sesame Oil For Faster Hair Growth & Regrowth – Info by

Sesame Oil For Faster Hair Growth & Regrowth – Info by

New scientific research has shown that sesame oil can be an effective way to speed up hair growth, and prevent hair loss. In a study with mice, sesame oil proved equal, if not more effective than minoxidil for re-growing hair.

But can sesame but used in our everyday life to protect us from pattern baldness and could it even be used to regrow areas of thin or receding hair?

In this article I’ll discuss the use of sesame oil for hair loss in everyday situations and review all scientific evidence on the topic.

At the end of the article you’ll learn about the simple ways I suggest you use sesame oil, both topically and internally to make the most of this amazing oil.

AWESOME BONUS: At the bottom of this page is a new quiz I’ve designed to calculate if your type of hair loss is easy to stop and re-grow. Take the 6 question quiz and find out.

What Is Sesame Oil?
Extracted from the seeds found within the Sesamum Indicum plant, sesame oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This makes it popular for use in cooking, massage, and cosmetics.

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