Thyroid Food And How To Eat Right

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped organ that sits at the front of the neck. It’s the primary regulator of the metabolism and has a huge impact on our endocrine function as a whole.

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, sudden weight gain or a slowing down of all processes, a sluggish thyroid may be to blame. One of the biggest reasons our thyroid slows down, in addition to aging, is lack of iodine. Our bodies aren’t able to make iodine naturally, so we rely on obtaining nutrients through our diet to support a healthy thyroid.

Thyroid Food

The thyroid needs to be supported with iodine, but adding foods rich in tyrosine, zinc and selenium will also help give your system a boost! Some foods, thyroid foods, to incorporate daily that are rich in these nutrients are:

Sea veggies containing dulse, kelp and nori
Brazil nuts
Coconut oil
Cod liver oil
Egg yolks
Grass-fed butter

Keep in mind to always listen to your body. If you have Hashimoto’s and you already eat plenty of iodine for health and thyroid, be mindful not to incorporate much more.
As you start eating more foods with iodine, be careful about eating foods that inhibit iodine metabolism. Called “goitrogens,” these foods actually make it harder for your thyroid gland to use iodine. They are okay to eat every day in moderation. And, to decrease the effect, each thyroid food listed below can/should be cooked.

Non Thyroid Food

Here is a list of the most common goitrogenic foods. These foods should be avoided or minimized if you are currently struggling with an under-active thyroid:

Brussels sprouts
Mustard greens
Soy and soy-based foods (NO FOOD)
Peanuts (Inflammation & NO FOOD)

If you aren’t suffering from a thyroid condition, try to eat more thyroid-boosting foods as much as possible, as thyroid function declines with age. It’s crucial to our health to obtain these much needed nutrients from our diet. When was the last time you ate dulse, nori and kelp or had a handful of brazil nuts?


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